Pick Out the Ideal Floor Tiles with a Supplier Accessible from Dunedin

Making compromises is a natural, if sometimes disappointing, part of the home purchasing process. We can't always find (or afford) all the features and styles that we want from the outset. Sometimes, we make peace with the fact that we'll have to return to some aspects of the property later to add our own personal touch. When you purchased your current home, did you feel you had to compromise on the quality of the bathrooms to gain a fantastic space throughout the rest of the house? Maybe now is the time to start thinking about a makeover — and that means finding a reputable tile supplier for Dunedin.

Floor and wall tiles don't just provide a water-resistant surface that is important for a clean and comfortable bathroom. They're also the main visual component of the room, and different tiles can create vastly different impressions when you enter the space. At Designa Tiles & Bathrooms, we have more than two decades of experience in providing tiles to Dunedin from our location in Queenstown. We source natural stone and porcelain direct from Italy, the world capital for quality tiles for centuries now. More than just that, we endeavour to stay abreast of the latest trends and fashionable designs. When you embark upon a renovation project, the Designa team brings many advantages to the table.

An excellent source for floor tiles in Dunedin

We know tiles. That means we also know the type of use and abuse they need to stand up to throughout their life. The result is that we have put in a serious effort to bring together the finest products from around the world under one roof. As a supplier to projects across New Zealand, we're proud of the diversity of our product range. When you choose to renovate, you don't need to limit yourself to only the floor tiles you can find in Dunedin. Instead, you can tap a supplier like us to help source the specific product you want from our catalogues. At each step of the way, you will deal with individuals who understand what you need, can answer your questions, and want to help see you succeed.

Source the perfect modern tiles for your project now

When you finally have the opportunity to remake a space in your home into what you want it to be, why should you have to compromise? With our business as your supplier for bathroom tiles in Dunedin, you can acquire precisely the products you want. Make the vision in your mind's eye a reality. Not sure what you want to do with the floor yet, or still in need of some inspirational ideas? We have plenty of photos of completed projects available, plus numerous catalogues available for download. We encourage you to look through them at your leisure! Ready to take the next steps and commit? Call us on 03 442 4999 to learn more about your tile choices today.