Supplier of Modern Bathroom Floor Tiles for Wanaka Residents

Many elements must come together to create a bathroom that rises above the plain, standard designs found in many homes across New Zealand. The shower, the tub, the tapware - these are all essential elements that you must choose with care. They will receive the most use, after all, and you will want to select fixtures that reflect the vision you have for the bathroom. Almost more important than the actual hardware, though, is the choice of new floor tiles in your Wanaka home's bathroom. Tiles that mesh with your vision can transform an ordinary and even lacklustre bathroom into a new, exciting, and altogether welcoming space.

It sounds simple, right? Just pick a nice-looking tile and move on with the project. However, you must achieve a harmony between an appealing visual design alongside durability and availability. Are you currently searching for a tile supplier in Wanaka that can help you accomplish the final results you've imagined for your project? At Designa Tiles & Bathrooms in Queenstown, we have a stunning selection of beautiful contemporary tiles available for shipment across the country. From natural stone to glass mosaic options and more, you can find many options to fit a wide variety of design profiles in our catalogues.

A trusted tile supplier for Wanaka projects

Consider just how much the tiles you choose can transform a bathroom. For example, consider a bathroom that does not have any windows to the outdoors; you rely solely on the indoor lighting rather than sunlight. Choosing a very dark tile, such as one that imitates the look of dark wood, can make your bathroom feel small and even claustrophobic. These tiles are often more suited to being bathed in lots of natural light, which during the day can make the space seem warmer. As your supplier, we can suggest which tiles will suit your Wanaka home best based on your specifications. We stay on top of the latest developments and trends worldwide, so we can alert you to unique floor tiles that may provide the aesthetic you want as well. Would you prefer to go with large tiles, or something smaller with more of a mosaic effect? We can help you figure out the answer.

Bring your vision to life with our team today

No matter the specific look you choose to target your bathroom overhaul, defining its look with modern tiling is vital. As your supplier, it is our goal to ensure that you have access to the materials you want to work with during your project. From the classy elegance of wood-look tiles to the sparse yet modern look of concrete-like floor tiling, there is something for every type of taste at Designa Tiles & Bathrooms. Look through catalogues, hosted online, or give us a call on 03 442 4999 with your questions. When you're ready to purchase and have our team ship your new bathroom tiles to Wanaka, just let us know!