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At Designa Tiles, it has always been our goal to provide our customers and clients with the highest quality and most eco-friendly products on the market. Since we first opened our doors in 1996, we have wanted to stand apart from the crowd by never settling for anything but the finest tiles that money can buy. In many cases, that has meant sourcing porcelain tiles, natural stones and other products out of Italy—which remains the centre of the tile universe to this day. It also means collaborating with some of the best suppliers in New Zealand, which we are proud to do at Designa Tiles. Whether you are looking for products from Brymac Tiles or Tile Warehouse, our Queenstown showroom is the place to find them.

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Designa Tiles may be in Queenstown, but our reputation as a top provider of flooring solutions and other tile work extends throughout New Zealand. We can ship our products nationwide from our Queenstown warehouse—making it easy for you to get your hands-on tile designs from Brymac Tiles or Italian Tiles no matter where you are in New Zealand.

By working with terrific suppliers like Brymac Tiles, Tile Warehouse and Italian Tiles, Designa Tiles can offer a huge range of different tile patterns and styles to customers throughout New Zealand. As you will see if you visit our Queenstown showroom, our product offerings are constantly evolving. Our showroom always displays the latest themes and ideas, and it’s because of our suppliers and their quality sourced products that we can say ahead of the curve and show our customers new ideas and inspiration for their kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.

If you are looking for Brymac Tiles in Queenstown, stop by the Designa Tiles showroom to see some of their products. Brymac Tiles has been sourcing quality tile products since 1976. Brymac’s mission is to provide ‘high quality European tiles at the cutting edge of fashion and trend,’ but at affordable price points. The company is consistently delivering unique and stylish designs, and because the prices aren’t exorbitant, they tend to be extremely popular among our customers at Designa Tiles.

Products from Tile Warehouse and Italian Tiles also do well at our Queenstown showroom. Tile Warehouse is one of the biggest tile retailers in New Zealand and offers a massive selection of high quality tile products. From ceramic and porcelain tiles to metal and natural stone tiles, there is a solution for any style from Tile Warehouse.

Find Products from Tile Warehouse, Italian Tiles or Brymac Tiles in Queenstown

If you are looking for the finest tile products, count on Designa Tiles and our network of outstanding suppliers to provide them. Whether you are shopping for Tile Warehouse products in Queenstown or looking for the highest quality Italian tiles online, we can help. Click here to learn more about our product range, or give us a call on 03 442 4999 or 027 437 6057.