Get Tiling Supply and Installation at the Same Place: Count on Queenstown’s Designa Tiles for All Your Tiling Service Needs

Unless you have a hobby for DIY tiling, there is a good chance that when you are shopping for tile supplies, you are looking for installation services as well. Despite this fact, many tiling companies in Queenstown are suppliers only. They offer beautiful tile supplies in a range of different designs and patterns, but they don’t have an installation department. As a result, when you buy tile supplies from these shops, you either need to find a contractor to do the installation or learn to do it yourself.

Designa Tiles: Your One-Stop Shop for Tiling Services in Queenstown

At Designa Tiles, we strive to serve as a true one-stop shop for tiling in Queenstown. Do you need gorgeous, well-sourced tile supplies for your kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool? You can find it by browsing our website or visiting our bathroom showroom in the Queenstown area. If you are working on a bathroom renovation, our showroom employees can even help you work out a design using our tiles.

However, unlike many other tile shops in the area, we don’t stop at supplying. On the contrary, we also offer tile installation services in Queenstown. When you visit our showroom or place a tile order online, you can enquire about our installation work. No matter the nature or scope of your project, we can arrange a time for our teams to come and install the tilework.

Having one entity that you can trust for all your Queenstown tiling services is smart and convenient. You don’t have to worry about switching back and forth between various points of contact, and you never have to worry that your design consultants and installers aren’t on the same page. At Designa Tiles, the design consultants are the installers—and vice versa. Everyone is on the same page.

Indeed, when you count on Designa Tiles for all your tile needs, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everyone you are working with—from the showroom employees that sell you your tiles to the installation teams that help with your renovation—has an expert grasp of the tile industry. All our employees are exceptionally knowledgeable about tilework—from the latest styles and design trends to what type of tile works well where. Our business has been operating for more than two decades, and that longevity shows in the experience of our team.

Enquire about Designa’s Installation Services Today

Stunning tile supplies will only go so far without professional installation to back them up. Next time you buy tiling in Queenstown, don’t settle for a shop that sells tiles but doesn’t offer installation. Instead, put your trust in Designa Tiles and let us handle all your Queenstown tiling service needs. From supply to design advice to installation work, we will help you through the full tilework renovation experience. To learn more about us, or to enquire about our installation work, give us a call on 03 442 4999 or 027 437 6057.