Deciding When and Whether to Buy Wood, Concrete or Stone Look Tiles in Queenstown

Now that you’ve just purchased a Queenstown property and are preparing to move in, you might be starting to think about how to redecorate the place to reflect your unique tastes in design in style. You can think of your new home as a blank canvas, even if it’s fully furnished, and attempt to bring your ideas to life so that you’ll feel comfortable and satisfied with your surroundings for years to come. When it comes to the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen, you may wish to utilise tiles to create your dream interior design, but it’s not easy to choose tiles that you’ll love forever and will stand the test of time.

Nowadays, reputable manufacturers create ceramic tiles to appear almost as if they were made from wood, concrete or stone, and each of these different styles can have a dramatic effect on your home’s overall image. The benefits of purchasing stone, wood or concrete look tiles in Queenstown is that they’re hardly distinguishable from the real material and often require much less upkeep to remain in top condition. However, you need to hire professional tilers and designers to help you make the right choice and ensure a superb finish.

At Designa, we’ve maintained our reputation for excellence over the past twenty years by making it our priority to stay ahead of the times and top of the latest international tile trends. We believe that the right tile can bring a room to life, and no two people’s opinions are the same. We can work with you to ensure the ideas in your imagination make it to the drawing board before subsequently being brought to life by our highly-trained qualified tilers. Keep reading below to find out whether you should buy concrete, wood or stone look tiles in Queenstown:

Choose the Tiles to Suit Your Home and Preferences

When it comes down to it, there are no rules regarding interior design, and much of the decision on which tiles to buy rests on your opinion and imagination. However, we’re here to ensure you make the right choice, which is why you should consider the following factors before buying either stone, concrete or wood look tiles in Queenstown.

  • Your opinion – Of course, some people have ideas but struggle to make up their mind, but others have a clear image of their ideal room in their head before buying tiles. If you know what you want, our specialists will listen to your requirements and deliver tiles that exceed your expectations, and if not, we’ll work with you and offer informed advice.
  • The room – If you’re redecorating the bathroom, wood look tiles might just not appear right while stone look tiles could bring the serenity of the outdoors into the room.
  • Colour patterns – It’s always worth thinking about the existing furnishing and decorations in the room to help you decide which tiles to purchase. For example, stone look tiles will work well with granite or other earthy materials in your kitchen.

Ask Our Professionals to Help You Choose Wood, Stone or Concrete Look Tiles in Queenstown

If you’re struggling to decide which tiles will work wonders for your home’s aesthetic appeal, we’re here to help. For more than two decades, we’ve remained at the forefront of our industry by researching the latest trends, sourcing tiles from the world’s most revered manufacturers and working with homeowners to achieve the look of their desires, so contact us today for specialist advice.